REDtalks #06 – Michael O’Leary on self-service with vRO/vRA

We were lucky enough to get Michael O’Leary back so soon for another episode, and, this time, a self-service demonstration.

In “REDtalks #04 – Michael O’Leary on orchestration with VMware vRO” we discussed the benefits of automating infrastructure and Michael shared some great tips on how to get started. In this episode Michael demonstrates one of his self-service solutions that enables the generation of tiny-URL’s for his internal customers. The solution uses VMware vRealize (vRO and vRA), Infoblox, and an F5 BG-IP.

Thanks, again, for sharing with us, Michael!… is live

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REDtalks #05 – Lori MacVittie on Sadness Driven Development (and other things)

REDtalks episode #05 brings us well known personality of the DevOps community,Lori MacVittie.

Lori’s been at this game from a few different angles including head-first in the code, as an award-winning writer, and being recognized by a number of “most influential women in tech” lists.

So, take a break and hear from Lori about the buzz at recent Automacon event, what Sadness Driven Development is (and how to avoid it), and many other handy tips for your journey towards a more automated architecture.

Thanks for joining us, Lori!


REDtalks #04 – Michael O’Leary on orchestration with VMware vRO

Another episode of REDtalks and this time, from the financial services industry, I bring you Michael O’Leary. Michael shares with us his experiences working with VMware’s suite of automation and orchestration technologies, and some great work he’s done with F5 iRules and Microsoft PowerShell.

Throughout the conversation, Michael goes into detail about the lessons learned when starting out with automation. In addition to his promise that automation will not eliminate your job. Instead, it will enable you to excel at your job.

Enough words from me, take a look at the latest episode and please share your thoughts!

Thanks for joining us, Michael!