REDtalks #09 – Joel on lab portability with Vagrant

Joel King of WWT is back with us again and in this episode we cover the importance of test/eval environment portability.

These days, few have the luxury of static, consistent environments. Especially those working with automation and orchestration solutions. Consequently, the requirement so spin up, and even repurpose, test or evaluation environments is increasing in importance. Today, for example, I might be verifying that my firewall can work with Phantom Cyber. Tomorrow, it might be integrating my load-balancer with Ansible Tower. Different teams use different tools and its extremely difficult to constantly build out environments to stay on top of them all.

So, watch this episode to hear how Joel has been using Vagrant to create, and even share, is test/eval environments with other engineers, while eliminating the need to copy, or migrate, heavy virtual machines and their virtual environment configurations.

This kind of thinking is a key step in the evolution from traditional NetOps to Super-NetOps!

Thanks for joining us, Joel!

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