REDtalks #12 – Joe Pruitt on API Lifecycle Management

F5 long-timer, Joe Pruitt, joins me in this episode to discuss API Lifecycle Management!

Joe joined F5 back in 1998 to build BIG-IP management and API solutions. He built the original BIG-IP API, iControl, back 2001: first in CORBA, and then SOAP/XML. Click play to hear Joe’s experiences with building robust APIs suitable for modern Infrastructure as Code practices, and hear why he’s returned to the product development team after several years building F5’s developer community platform,

Thanks for joining us, Joe!

REDtalks #11 – Anthony on Automation with Excel

UPDATED: Feb 9th, 2017

The beauty of REST is that you can call upon it from just about anywhere. REST doesn’t care which OS you are using or whether you prefer a command-line tool over a GUI, or vice versa. Most importantly, engineers can start benefitting from REST APIs without the need for huge corporate investments and monolithic orchestration projects.

Proving this point, in episode #11 we have Anthony Gerace who demonstrates an accelerated device on-boarding solution using Microsoft Excel (and some VBA script).

Anthony has been at the foundation of MANY demonstrations and proof-of-concept projects. Watch this episode to see how he’s simplified his own workflows, and helped many others get started, with this fine example of how REST APIs are for everyone!

Thanks for joining us, Anthony!

And here’s the spreadsheet on Github:—Platform-Builder