Thomas A. McGonagle – Author


My name is Thomas (Tom) A. McGonagle, and I am a new author. You might recognize me from previous REDtalks #16 and #14. I am a new Senior Product Management Engineer working on F5’s Programmability and DevOps. I am a former Field Systems Engineer based out of Boston, MA. Where I have lived my whole life, and over the last 10 years been devoted to the DevOps movement.

I have been a customer facing engineer my whole career. I was a DevOps strategy consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton and CloudBees the makers of Jenkins. I was a customer facing Site Reliability Engineer at RedHat, and I owned my own Puppet consulting business for three years. At Cloudbees, I had a blog called Field Notes from a DevOps Cultural Anthropologist. One of my favorite blogs, was a blog on Buddhism and DevOps

In addition to my work, I also spend a lot of time working with the DevOps community. I am the organizer of the Boston Jenkins Area Meetup group, which is the largest Jenkins meetup in the world as well as HackerNest the tech social meetup group. I am also active and help with the Boston DevOps meetup group and the F5 user’s meetup group. DevOps community organizing is a passion of mine.

Its an honor and a privilege to be an author on, I am both impressed and passionate about the message and content that Nathan has been able to create. My greatest professional goal is to get NetOps engineers practicing Agile and DevOps. I have been calling this Agile Networking, but we at F5 are coalescing around calling it Super NetOps.

My version of CAMS (Culture, Automation, Monitoring and Sharing) is ACAMS+ (Agile, Culture, Automation, Monitoring, Sharing, PLUS whatever is important to the customer, i.e., Network and Security). I find CAMS and ACAMS+ to be great frameworks for discussing DevOps. They are the core values of DevOps, but not its DNA. Cracking the DNA of DevOps requires a singular focus on teamwork and team mission.

The DNA of DevOps is as follows:

  • Team of coordinated specialists
  • Oriented to a common goal
  • Servant leader providing coordination and communication
  • Empathetic in dealings with others
  • Trust in the rest of the team
  • Dedication to the common goal
  • Selflessness, adherence to the greater good
  • Determination and resiliency in the face of difficulty
  • Honesty with the leader and the rest of the team
  • Commitment to the mission

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