#27 – Distributed tracing with Istio on AWS

Ever wondered how you troubleshoot among ephemeral microservices in a container environment? Well, by tracing service interaction, that’s how! And I’m not just referring to outages here, this is also the secret to tracking down performance issues and inefficiencies among microservices.

In this episode I’m joined by Neeraj Poddar from F5 Innovation, Aspen Mesh! If you haven’t caught our previous episodes from the Aspen Mesh, Shawn Worke (their fearless leader) explains what its all about in #23 – Aspen Mesh w/ Shawn Wormke

But if you’re pressed for time and ou just want to know how to trace microservice interactions with Istio on AWS, then waste not another minute and watch this episode:

Thanks for joining us, Neeraj! Youy can find his great blog titled Distributed tracing with Istio in AWS <= there.

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