#38 – Grafana Dashboard for BigStats

Having good data is only part of a solution. There’s loads of data on my laptop, for example, that goes unused almost everyday. However, the practice of putting data to work via meaningful representation is how we plan effectively and make informed decisions!

For those who haven’t been following the development of BigStats, its an open source project for ‘exporting’ telemetry off of F5 BIG-IP devices to various destinations and databases. Now, with the release of the ‘Grafana Dashboard for BigStats’, you can start realizing the value of that exported data.


Requires BigStats v0.4 or newer (get that here: installed on your BIG-IP.

Take it for a spin:

Would be great to hear your thoughts!

Twitter: @PearceNathan


One thought on “ #38 – Grafana Dashboard for BigStats

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