#39 – Me at Github Universe

Last week Github Universe happened. You missed it? I’m sorry. Don’t let it happen again!

Github Universe is awesome. Some things that stood out for me:

1) No Badge Scanning

It took me no more than 30 seconds to get through registration and collect my badge, a process that brings with it the reminder of how many times I’m going to be scanned onto follow-up email and call lists for things I’m really not interested in. Nope, not at Github Universe. Everyone is free to communicate without a sales/marketing push.

2) The Right People

Every sponsor stand I visited was staffed with the people that created/architected their offering. I can’t recall a conference where every interaction resulted in all the answers to all the questions, at once. That was pretty sweet, right there!

A quick example, I stopped by the Microsoft stand part way through a VS Code demo. I was approached and asked if I had any questions by an employee, who turned out to be one of the developers behind the Github Pull Request extension. Immediately after asking a question about the extension we were both looking at the source code and I was getting a detailed walk-through.

This made my week! And it didn’t just happen once…

3) Culture

The people at Github Universe were all on the same side: the sponsors, the guests, the event support staff, everyone went out of their way to ensure the best experience was had by all. I really cannot fault the execution…

4) My awesome demonstration!

Last, but not least, I appeared on the Github Universe Demo Desk where I demonstrated managing some F5 BIG-IP virtual appliances via Github Enterprise and the practice of Network Configuration as Code.

Here’s the powerpoint presentation: Introducing Network Configuration as Code

And here are the videos:

Quick Intro


RBAC & Config Rollback


Advanced – multi-change commit


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