#45 – being ‘open source’, practicing ‘social coding’

Great to have GitHub's Christian Weber (t: @classicwebdog) on the show again to help us understand what being part of the open-source community is all about. Some key theme's from this episode: Git IS all about 'Social Coding' GitHub is NOT your download server Adopting open-source is a lot like hosting a meetup; be present, … Continue reading #45 – being ‘open source’, practicing ‘social coding’ #44 – Security Automation /w Benn Alp

Welcome to episode 44 of, your home of Ranting, Engineers, and Devops, where I'm joined by F5 Networks Global Security Solution Architect, Benn Alp. Benn brings perspective based on many years of security experience across a range of roles and verticals. Learned in this episode: DevSecOps is finally getting some traction. Security vendors have … Continue reading #44 – Security Automation /w Benn Alp