#53 – Remote Working: Practice Empathy

The enforcement of social distancing doesn’t require emotional distancing.

In this first episode after the relaunch of REDtalks.live I’m kicking off a ‘remote working’ mini series with the topic of practicing empathy.

In testing times we need to double-down on patience and empathy if we want to get through this without losing our minds, and we can succeed at being remote or, for some, even quarantined, if we bring an element of community to it.

Beginning to feel very isolated, yesterday I joined an ‘open’ Zoom meeting (video conference) with a great bunch of tech nerds. The conversation flowed from breweries with API’s (programmable interfaces), to remote-controlled planes and helicopters, to whose got sufficient toilet paper. While not all of those topics might be for you, most important was the sense of being part of a community and immediately after the call all feelings of isolation had vanished and productivity had returned.

Thanks, Buu Lam for hosting!

Be conscious of the ‘lizard brain’ taking over and driving you to ‘defensively’ attack others. Their behavior is most likely driven by fear and anxiety, and throwing gasoline on the fire is going to hurt you both.

Empathy is a great thing to practice now and it also makes us feel closer to each other when we feel like someone’s actually looking out for us as human beings.” Simon Sinek

Here’s the video. Please do share you own experiences in the comments below, or in our Facebook group.

The next episode in this Remote Working mini-series will be on “Framing your day”. Get in touch if you have any advice or questions on this one!

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