#61 – 2020 QNC – Week 1: API Chaining

Welcome to #2020QNC. You are the top 1% of all naval aviators — the elite, the BEST of the best…. Wait, that’s Top Gun… Let’s start again…. 

Welcome to week 1 of the 2020 “Quarantined Nerd Challenge”. Challenge 1 is all about API Chaining! Share with us the most creative API mashup you can think of before the week is out (there might be a prize).


Participants must produce a POSTMAN collection of 2 or more public API’s whereby the results from each API call are passed to, and used by, subsequent API calls for the purpose of generating an end result dependent upon each call in the chain.

NOTE: Watch the video for my Chuck Norris + Yoda Translator mashup…


  1. The challenge is open for 1 week, starting Monday, April 13th, ending Friday, April 17th.
  2. The API’s must be public. Anyone should be able to achieve the same results running the participants collection.
  3. Login/API Token is allowed if the creation of login credentials is free for anyone else to replicate. Bonus points if the account credentials/token are created via API calls.
  4. No harm must come to any person or API during the challenge.

Intro & demonstration video

REDtalks.live GitHub Repo

Download the example, upload your submissions: https://github.com/REDtalks/2020QNC-Week1

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