#64 – IaC – HashiCorp Packer w/ Github Actions

In this episode I demonstrate how to automate the creation and distribution of AMIs across 4 AWS regions with the safety and reproducibility of version control. I'm not a fan of using Snapshots because then I have to manage all the snapshots, and their distribution... But wait, there's "A New Hope"! Star Wars references aside, … Continue reading #64 – IaC – HashiCorp Packer w/ Github Actions

#63 – 2020 Quarantined Nerd Challenge – UPDATE

Soooooooo, I got a little overzealous with the Quarantined Nerd Challenge dates. Whoopsy. Shortly after posting challenge #1 both Kin Lane and I got super busy and two weeks just flew past. Resetting expectations, QNC 2020 will continue but the event end dates will be on the <quarantine end date>. More examples to come very … Continue reading #63 – 2020 Quarantined Nerd Challenge – UPDATE