#69 – Network Infrastructure Automation w/ Consul

Welcome to episode 69!

In a previous episode on this theme – #68 – Avoiding DevOps Continuous Disappointment – we discussed the perils of ‘business value’ being stuck in job queues awaiting human interaction. This struggle is very real for many!! Towards solving this common enterprise problem, today we take a look at a new innovation from HashiCorp.

In this video we’ll demonstrate the latest capabilities from HashiCorp’s Network Infrastructure Automation (NIA) strategy with a technical preview of Consul Terraform Sync. “What and the kitchen sync?”, I hear you say? Per the diagram below, we’ve seen much focus an automating the deployment of apps and services, but the handoff to NetOps and SecOps is still largely protein based – human. This is where Consul Terraform Sync shines!

Think of Consul Terraform Sync as the conduit between Consul’s all-seeing and all-knowing Services Catalog, and the tried and tested infrastructure as code patterns of Terraform.

This trio of awesome – Consul, Consul Terraform Sync, and Terraform – turns slow, task-oriented processes into automated, reliable acceleration of time-to-value. Inherently, through eliminating interaction with service delivery, it reduces exposure to configuration errors and weaknesses in security posture from hastily typed execution at the command prompt/GUI. Watch the video below to see this reproducible pattern in action!

Thanks for listening!

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