#71 – Announcing REDtalks Labs

Today, REDtalks.live turned 5 years old. It has been an amazing journey and I’ve been very grateful for the interactions with our fantastic listeners along the way.

To mark the milestone I am delighted to be announcing the REDtalks Labs is now Open Source!


REDtalks Labs is where the experiments, prototypes, and the occasional abomination, are made that appear in the REDtalks.live video blogs. Code, templates, and configurations from work performed in REDtalks Labs is now shared under the REDtalksLive GitHub account in the REDtalksLab repository, and documented here on the REDtalks.lab landing page.


Learning new stuff is hard. Too often, the learning has to happen out of work hours just to stay relevant and up to date on new tools and methodologies, and it’s often not the new technology learning that takes up all the time. Its the building, the configuring, the setting up. That’s the real cost.

Using HashiCorp’s most awesome technologies – packer, terraform, consul (more to come) REDtalks Labs supports both fast provisioning and transitioning between various configurations and platforms.

To learn more about REDtalks Labs, or just see me get nostalgic, take a look at the latest episode below and, as always, thanks for listening!

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