REDtalks.live (Ranting, Engineers, DevOps) is a forum to discuss the challenges, both technical and cultural, met on one’s journey to a more efficient, automated and orchestrated architecture.

Many traditional NetOps engineers have been tasked with integrating infrastructure into continuous deployment pipelines. Those who have made a start down this road learn quite quickly that its no easy task. Well, anything is possible and it all starts with a first step! And REDtalks.live is here to help.

REDtalks.live started out as no more than the occasional Google Hangout. They evolved into a YouTube series, and now, due to increased popularity, they have a home of their own here at https://REDtalks.live

Feel free to request some topic areas, or even volunteer yourself for an episode–everyone has an interesting story–via the Contact page.

Opinions are mine and not of my employer.

Thanks for listening!