#70 – Consul Terraform Sync – Under the Hood!

Following last weeks episode – #69 – Network Infrastructure Automation w/ Consul – we're going to take a closer look at HashiCorp's Consul Terraform Sync, and how it stitches together the observability of Consul with the unmatched Infrastructure as Code capabilities of Terraform. Network Infrastructure as Code workflow In this episode you'll get a deeper look at … Continue reading #70 – Consul Terraform Sync – Under the Hood!

#69 – Network Infrastructure Automation w/ Consul

Welcome to episode 69! In a previous episode on this theme – #68 – Avoiding DevOps Continuous Disappointment – we discussed the perils of 'business value' being stuck in job queues awaiting human interaction. This struggle is very real for many!! Towards solving this common enterprise problem, today we take a look at a new innovation … Continue reading #69 – Network Infrastructure Automation w/ Consul

#68 – Avoiding DevOps Continuous Disappointment

The difference between Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment is often referred to as 'just one more step in the automation pipeline'. If it's just one more step why are so many organizations struggling with it? Simple, that last step reaches into departments outside of the traditional DevOps universe: the network team and the security team. … Continue reading #68 – Avoiding DevOps Continuous Disappointment

#66 – Simplifying DevSecOps

In this episode I'm joined by Michael Fraser of refactr to talk about DevSecOps. Coming from the ops side, Michael's desire to simplify security automation derived from personal experience in stitching together security tooling to support delivery/deployment pipelines. Knowing how many security technologies weren't developed from an API first perspective, the need for refactr was … Continue reading #66 – Simplifying DevSecOps

#64 – IaC – HashiCorp Packer w/ Github Actions

In this episode I demonstrate how to automate the creation and distribution of AMIs across 4 AWS regions with the safety and reproducibility of version control. I'm not a fan of using Snapshots because then I have to manage all the snapshots, and their distribution... But wait, there's "A New Hope"! Star Wars references aside, … Continue reading #64 – IaC – HashiCorp Packer w/ Github Actions

#63 – 2020 Quarantined Nerd Challenge – UPDATE

Soooooooo, I got a little overzealous with the Quarantined Nerd Challenge dates. Whoopsy. Shortly after posting challenge #1 both Kin Lane and I got super busy and two weeks just flew past. Resetting expectations, QNC 2020 will continue but the event end dates will be on the <quarantine end date>. More examples to come very … Continue reading #63 – 2020 Quarantined Nerd Challenge – UPDATE