#47 – POSTMAN API client w/ creator & CEO, Abhinav Asthana

Very excited about today's episode where I'm joined by Abhinav Ashtana, the creator and CEO of world renowned API client, POSTMAN.   In this episode, hear Abhinav explain how POSTMAN started – how a personal frustration with API interactions presented an opportunity to create something cool. Learn about the journey POSTMAN took and the use … Continue reading #47 – POSTMAN API client w/ creator & CEO, Abhinav Asthana #45 – being ‘open source’, practicing ‘social coding’

Great to have GitHub's Christian Weber (t: @classicwebdog) on the show again to help us understand what being part of the open-source community is all about. Some key theme's from this episode: Git IS all about 'Social Coding' GitHub is NOT your download server Adopting open-source is a lot like hosting a meetup; be present, … Continue reading #45 – being ‘open source’, practicing ‘social coding’ #44 – Security Automation /w Benn Alp

Welcome to episode 44 of, your home of Ranting, Engineers, and Devops, where I'm joined by F5 Networks Global Security Solution Architect, Benn Alp. Benn brings perspective based on many years of security experience across a range of roles and verticals. Learned in this episode: DevSecOps is finally getting some traction. Security vendors have … Continue reading #44 – Security Automation /w Benn Alp #43 – “API First Strategy” w/ Kin Lane

Welcome to episode #43 where I'm joined by super-famous API evangelist, Kin Lane – yes, the Kin Lane behind Watch this episode to learn about Kin's background and how he's helped many organizations of different sizes realize the benefits of an "API First" strategy. Or just watch to see if he really does look like … Continue reading #43 – “API First Strategy” w/ Kin Lane #41 – Grafana Dashboard update for SSL stats

Watch this episode to see how you can view F5 BIG-IP SSL statistics in the latest Grafana Dashboard for the BigStats telemetry exporter. Well, I know I already posted the end of year wrap-up episode ( #40 – 2018 in Review) but I had a little free time and here we are on the very … Continue reading #41 – Grafana Dashboard update for SSL stats #40 – 2018 in Review

In episode #40 we take a look at the activity throughout the year. NOTE: We're almost at 20,000 views on the youtube channel. Help us get there by clicking play on this video below: 2018's Posts: #24: Becoming Super-NetOps: Day 1 #25: MiniKube for Dev’s #26: WWT on why … Continue reading #40 – 2018 in Review #38 – Grafana Dashboard for BigStats

Having good data is only part of a solution. There's loads of data on my laptop, for example, that goes unused almost everyday. However, the practice of putting data to work via meaningful representation is how we plan effectively and make informed decisions! For those who haven't been following the development of BigStats, its an … Continue reading #38 – Grafana Dashboard for BigStats