#50 – Serverless Observability w/ IOpipe

Episode #50. Wooohooo! And for this landmark 50th episode we're delighted to have super-popular Serverless observability company, IOpipe, on the show. In this episode (video below) I'm joined by IOpipe founder and CTO, Erica Windisch. "Unless you set your concurrency for the lambda to '1', right, which you could do [LAUGHS], you're opting into building … Continue reading #50 – Serverless Observability w/ IOpipe #49 – Imperative vs Declarative APIs /w Kin Lane

My good pal, Kin Lane, is back on the show for his third appearance to discuss the much debated topic of Imperative vs Declarative APIs. Key discussion points on this topic: One is not necessarily better than the other. One persons declarative is another persons imperative, so think about the 'system' of orchestration, and not … Continue reading #49 – Imperative vs Declarative APIs /w Kin Lane #48 – Deep API Monitoring w/

With the evolution of application architecture – from monolith to distributed, microservice – comes the need for modern 'architecture appropriate' monitoring and visibility solutions. Traditional 'packet sniffer' tooling falls short in terms of the requirements developers need to transition from best-effort, educated guesses to detailed usage logging and traceability. To help realize these deep API monitoring … Continue reading #48 – Deep API Monitoring w/ #47 – POSTMAN API client w/ creator & CEO, Abhinav Asthana

Very excited about today's episode where I'm joined by Abhinav Ashtana, the creator and CEO of world renowned API client, POSTMAN.   In this episode, hear Abhinav explain how POSTMAN started – how a personal frustration with API interactions presented an opportunity to create something cool. Learn about the journey POSTMAN took and the use … Continue reading #47 – POSTMAN API client w/ creator & CEO, Abhinav Asthana #45 – being ‘open source’, practicing ‘social coding’

Great to have GitHub's Christian Weber (t: @classicwebdog) on the show again to help us understand what being part of the open-source community is all about. Some key theme's from this episode: Git IS all about 'Social Coding' GitHub is NOT your download server Adopting open-source is a lot like hosting a meetup; be present, … Continue reading #45 – being ‘open source’, practicing ‘social coding’ #44 – Security Automation /w Benn Alp

Welcome to episode 44 of, your home of Ranting, Engineers, and Devops, where I'm joined by F5 Networks Global Security Solution Architect, Benn Alp. Benn brings perspective based on many years of security experience across a range of roles and verticals. Learned in this episode: DevSecOps is finally getting some traction. Security vendors have … Continue reading #44 – Security Automation /w Benn Alp #43 – “API First Strategy” w/ Kin Lane

Welcome to episode #43 where I'm joined by super-famous API evangelist, Kin Lane – yes, the Kin Lane behind Watch this episode to learn about Kin's background and how he's helped many organizations of different sizes realize the benefits of an "API First" strategy. Or just watch to see if he really does look like … Continue reading #43 – “API First Strategy” w/ Kin Lane #42 – Dev’s gone rogue

There's lots of talk in the computer networking media about the need to pick up some scripting/coding skills to stay relevant in the modern agile/DevOps world. To better understand this perspective, in episode #42 we take a look at it from the opposite direction... from that of two developers who switched to networking! Joining me … Continue reading #42 – Dev’s gone rogue