Greetings appreciators of telemetry!BigStats-300dpi

I created this page to bring together my work (prototypes and open source projects) and thoughts on making use of infrastructure telemetry. For years we’ve tolerated ‘polling’ devices (SNMP…. barf) but this doesn’t help get data out of infrastructure and into telemetry pipelines – systems that receive and make use of data from various technologies, services, and devices.

If you’re on this page, then you’re probably interested in generating dashboards like this:


Well, this is where I’m posting my work to help get you there.

BigStats is a small agent that runs on the F5 BIG-IP that leverages the F5 iControl LX framework (control plane scripting) to export stats buried within the worlds best app services platform. Up and running, it looks a little like this:


To make things a little easier, you can get the Graphite+Grafana part up and running with a single command: docker-compose up – using this:

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