#57 – Remote Working: Staying Focused

A change of environment can be super distracting. For me, it can be as little as how much, or little, sleep I’m getting, or whether I’m maintaining a responsible, or irresponsible, level of caffeine intake. Don’t waste time being envious of those laser-focused, seemingly robotic colleagues because focus is learnable. After a decade of constant … Continue reading #57 – Remote Working: Staying Focused

#53 – Remote Working: Practice Empathy

The enforcement of social distancing doesn't require emotional distancing. In this first episode after the relaunch of REDtalks.live I'm kicking off a 'remote working' mini series with the topic of practicing empathy. In testing times we need to double-down on patience and empathy if we want to get through this without losing our minds, and … Continue reading #53 – Remote Working: Practice Empathy

REDtalks.live #44 – Security Automation /w Benn Alp

Welcome to episode 44 of REDtalks.live, your home of Ranting, Engineers, and Devops, where I'm joined by F5 Networks Global Security Solution Architect, Benn Alp. Benn brings perspective based on many years of security experience across a range of roles and verticals. Learned in this episode: DevSecOps is finally getting some traction. Security vendors have … Continue reading REDtalks.live #44 – Security Automation /w Benn Alp

REDtalks.live #40 – 2018 in Review

In REDtalks.live episode #40 we take a look at the activity throughout the year. NOTE: We're almost at 20,000 views on the youtube channel. Help us get there by clicking play on this video below: https://youtu.be/CXuNTFTIs8s 2018's REDtalks.live Posts: REDtalks.live #24: Becoming Super-NetOps: Day 1 REDtalks.live #25: MiniKube for Dev’s REDtalks.live #26: WWT on why … Continue reading REDtalks.live #40 – 2018 in Review

REDtalks.live #27 – Distributed tracing with Istio on AWS

Ever wondered how you troubleshoot among ephemeral microservices in a container environment? Well, by tracing service interaction, that's how! And I'm not just referring to outages here, this is also the secret to tracking down performance issues and inefficiencies among microservices. In this episode I'm joined by Neeraj Poddar from F5 Innovation, Aspen Mesh! If … Continue reading REDtalks.live #27 – Distributed tracing with Istio on AWS

Thomas A. McGonagle – REDtalks.live Author

Hello, My name is Thomas (Tom) A. McGonagle http://www.linkedin.com/in/thomasmcgonagle, and I am a new REDtalks.live author. You might recognize me from previous REDtalks #16 and #14. I am a new Senior Product Management Engineer working on F5’s Programmability and DevOps. I am a former Field Systems Engineer based out of Boston, MA. Where I have … Continue reading Thomas A. McGonagle – REDtalks.live Author