#38 – Grafana Dashboard for BigStats

Having good data is only part of a solution. There's loads of data on my laptop, for example, that goes unused almost everyday. However, the practice of putting data to work via meaningful representation is how we plan effectively and make informed decisions! For those who haven't been following the development of BigStats, its an … Continue reading #38 – Grafana Dashboard for BigStats #37 – BigStats v0.4 released

BigStats v0.4 has been released! Yay!!!  Way back in #32 – Stats & Dashboards (May 25th) I demonstrated a prototype solution for getting useful data out of a BIG-IP and into various telemetry pipelines... Well, that was version 0.1, and now we're up to version 0.4! So, what's happened since? Highlights from the file: We now … Continue reading #37 – BigStats v0.4 released

REDtalks #18 – Enabling the docker TCP API in AWS

Not a traditional REDtalks post today (no interview/demo), but this took me a while to work out so I thought I'd share. What's this about? It all started with me building REST extensibility solutions for F5 Networks in AWS. I created (Launched) a new AWS AMI Linux instance - yep, the very first one on the list: … Continue reading REDtalks #18 – Enabling the docker TCP API in AWS

Does DevOps need a “Super-NetOps”?

Operations (Ops) is getting a lot of attention these days as the next big thing in technology to fix. Why now? What changed? Well, for the most part, over the last 10-ish years technology has been accelerating through various levels of abstraction and virtualization. This evolution has lifted many of the technical barriers that were … Continue reading Does DevOps need a “Super-NetOps”?