#58 – Staying positive & focused through dark times

In this very open, transparent episode I'm joined by business scale up expert, Nick Bradley, to talk about mindset. "If you're grateful for what you have,even if its tiny, then you're winning."Nick Bradley We share some of our personal struggles and how we deal with things like 'victim mindset' to take control of our lives … Continue reading #58 – Staying positive & focused through dark times

#57 – Remote Working: Staying Focused

A change of environment can be super distracting. For me, it can be as little as how much, or little, sleep I’m getting, or whether I’m maintaining a responsible, or irresponsible, level of caffeine intake. Don’t waste time being envious of those laser-focused, seemingly robotic colleagues because focus is learnable. After a decade of constant … Continue reading #57 – Remote Working: Staying Focused

#53 – Remote Working: Practice Empathy

The enforcement of social distancing doesn't require emotional distancing. In this first episode after the relaunch of REDtalks.live I'm kicking off a 'remote working' mini series with the topic of practicing empathy. In testing times we need to double-down on patience and empathy if we want to get through this without losing our minds, and … Continue reading #53 – Remote Working: Practice Empathy

REDtalks.live #50 – Serverless Observability w/ IOpipe

Episode #50. Wooohooo! And for this landmark 50th episode we're delighted to have super-popular Serverless observability company, IOpipe, on the show. In this episode (video below) I'm joined by IOpipe founder and CTO, Erica Windisch. "Unless you set your concurrency for the lambda to '1', right, which you could do [LAUGHS], you're opting into building … Continue reading REDtalks.live #50 – Serverless Observability w/ IOpipe

REDtalks.live #49 – Imperative vs Declarative APIs /w Kin Lane

My good pal, Kin Lane, is back on the show for his third appearance to discuss the much debated topic of Imperative vs Declarative APIs. Key discussion points on this topic: One is not necessarily better than the other. One persons declarative is another persons imperative, so think about the 'system' of orchestration, and not … Continue reading REDtalks.live #49 – Imperative vs Declarative APIs /w Kin Lane