In this page you’ll find the ‘Focus’ spreadsheet referenced in Episode 57.

There are two versions, one for MS Excel and one for Google Sheets (Sorry, Apple Numbers users.).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long should I set a focus session?

A. Start with shorter focus sessions, e.g. 20 minutes. You can change them at any time, even during the day. Don’t be afraid to experiment/adjust.

Q. What if I’m being really productive and the session ends?

A. There are no rules, only a desire to focus. If you’re having a really productive moment and the focus session ends, keep going. Don’t fight focussed productivity but try not to skip the longer breaks so you don’t burnout.

Google Sheets Version

This link is to a ‘View Only’ version. You will need to save a copy of it:
“File -> Make a Copy” to make changes.

Open Google Sheets version (File > Make a Copy): here

Excel Version

Created on Microsoft Excel for Mac version 16.35.

Download Excel version here.