The Lab is now open-source.


REDtalks.lab is where the experiments, prototypes, and the occasional abomination, are made that appear in the video blogs. Code, templates, and configurations from work performed in REDtalks.lab is now shared in repositories under the @REDtalksLive GitHub account and are documented here on the REDtalks.lab landing page.


Learning new stuff is hard. Too often, the learning has to happen out of work hours just to stay relevant and up to date on new tools and methodologies, and it’s often not the new technology learning that takes up all the time. Its the building, the configuring, the setting up. That’s the real cost.

Using HashiCorp’s most awesome technologies – packer, terraform, consul (more to come) REDtalks.lab supports both fast provisioning and transitioning between various configurations and platforms.

How to use

The REDtalks.lab repo consists of ‘images’ and ‘deployments’.

Images: Building servers from ISOs and then cloning VMs is sooooo last year… Using Packer for the reliable, templatized building of OVAs is sooooo today. With a single packer run able to produce, or update, multiple outputs that are individually customized and ready for Infrastructure as Code deployments, why would you do it any other way? I wouldn’t. Trust me, I’m a limo driver!

Deployments: A REDtalks.lab deployment employs the Terraform infrastructure as code model for the reliable, repeatable production of environments, be they simple or complex. As the great philosopher, Christopher Lambert, once said, “There can be only one, Terraform.

Download the REDtalks.lab magic:

git clone REDtalksLab/

Included in this repository


  1. Base Image
  2. HashiStack
  3. Consul Mesh w/ Envoy
  4. Consul-Terraform-Sync
  5. IaCbox
  6. Minikube


Service Discovery

  1. Service Discovery Basic
  2. Service Discovery Encrypted
  3. Service Discovery Federated Multi-DC
  4. Service Discovery w/ Network Infra Automation (NIA)

Service Mesh

  1. Service Mesh Basic

K8s Service Mesh

  1. Coming soon (almost done)