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Important terminology:

  • Super-NetOps: an operational practice oriented around continuous deployment.
  • A Super-NetOps engineer: a person who’s learned the art of practicing Super-NetOps (programmable infrastructure and DevOps methodologies)
  • The Super-NetOps training program: a path to becoming a Super-NetOps engineer (


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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions answered in this section:

  • What is Super-NetOps?
  • What is a Super-NetOps Engineer?
  • What is the Super-NetOps Training Program?
  • How can I prepare for Super-NetOps?
  • Who owns Super-NetOps?


Q. What is Super-NetOps?

A. Super-NetOps is the practice of delivering network-based services as programmable infrastructure to support DevOps practices and methodologies. Traditional network operations (NetOps) is GUI/CLI oriented, and causes major delays for organization aiming to implement automated, continuous deployment. Super-NetOps is NetOps for DevOps.

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Q. What is a Super-NetOps Engineer?

A. A Super-NetOps engineer is proficient in both infrastructure programmability practices AND DevOps methodologies. Armed with these new skills, he/she holds a position at the DevOps table and drives business innovation.

As a member of the Super-NetOps team – an extension of the DevOps practice – they develop, and continuously improve, systems, which support and integrate with developer automation tool-chains.

Q. What is the Super-NetOps Training Program?

A. The Super-NetOps training program exists in two formats:

  • Live, in-person training
  • On-line, on-demand training

The Live in-person training course has been refined over the last 2 years, by instructors and students, and has been delivered to over 3000 customers and partners (as of January 30th, 2018). The demand for this training has been HUGE, but the ability to scale was limited by the requirements of in person instruction and classrooms.

Today, January 30th of 2018, F5 Networks announced the availability of a free, on-demand, on-line version of the Super-NetOps training program. Learn the art of Super-NetOps when you please and at your own pace.

Q. How can I prepare for Super-NetOps?

A. Some of the themes in the world of Super-NetOps may be very new to you. To help get you started, take a look at this “Becoming Super-NetOps” Series:

Q. Who owns Super-NetOps?

A. YOU! Super-NetOps is an operating model. F5 has made significant investment towards enabling customers and partners to make this journey however, all other vendors are welcome to collaborate. The goal is to improve the industry and support digital transformation.

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