#37 – BigStats v0.4 released

BigStats v0.4 has been released! Yay!!!  Way back in #32 – Stats & Dashboards (May 25th) I demonstrated a prototype solution for getting useful data out of a BIG-IP and into various telemetry pipelines... Well, that was version 0.1, and now we're up to version 0.4! So, what's happened since? Highlights from the file: We now … Continue reading #37 – BigStats v0.4 released #33 – Joel King on What is Code?

Great to have Joel King join me again on to answer the question, "What is code?" The answer isn't as straightforward as you may think, not with practices like Infrastructure as Code at play. In this episode, Joel does a great job at clarifying some misconceptions and clearing up some concepts that should not … Continue reading #33 – Joel King on What is Code?