REDtalks #15 – Jason Hand on Getting started with ChatOps

Episode #15 brings us the topic of ChatOps. No, I’m not talking about late nights dialed into bulletin board chat groups on your 9600 bit/s modem! ChatOps is about cross team collaboration and information sharing.

Who better to join me in this episode than the author of O’Reilly’s “ChatOps – Managing Operations in Group Chat“, Jason Hand. As DevOps Evangelist as VictorOps, Jason spends a lot of time talking at conferences and to customers about the journey to a DevOps culture and how ChatOps enables rapid collaboration across teams.

Watch this episode to obtain a deep understanding of what ChatOps is all about, learn of the immediate benefits to organizations from adopting such a practices, and get some great tips on how to get started.

Thanks for joining us, Jason!

You can grab the book here:

REDtalks #14 – Tom & David on the Principles & Practices of DevOps

Today I’m joined by Thomas McGonagle and Dr David Yates to discuss the principles and practices of DevOps.

Thomas McGonagle is a Sales Engineer and DevOps evangelist at F5 Networks. Before joining F5, Thomas held positions at Cloudbees (maker of Jenkins) and Booz Allen Hamilton, in addition to running his own consulting business that heavily leveraged Puppet. Consistent throughout his career has been a strong focus on automation and orchestrations.

Dr David Yates joins us from Bentley University where he is an Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems. Dr Yates has an MS & PhD in Computer Science, is co-inventor of 12 patents, and comes with hands-on experience in both Agile and DevOps. He is currently working on bringing these practices into the classroom.

Listen to this episode to hear the principals and practices that Thomas and Dr Yates live by in terms of DevOps and automation. To summarize, we discuss these three principals:

  • Systems thinking (continuous delivery, continuous everything, …)
  • Continuous intelligence (from amplified feedback)
  • Continuous learning (from experimentation and practice)

And these 9 practices:

  • Practice 1: Configuration management
  • Practice 2: Continuous integration
  • Practice 3: Automated testing
  • Practice 4: Infrastructure as Code
  • Practice 5: Continuous delivery
  • Practice 6: Continuous deployment
  • Practice 7: Continuous monitoring
  • Practice 8: Develop an engaged and inclusive culture to encourage collaboration and shared ownership
  • Practice 9: Actively participate in communities of practice to become a lifelong learner of technology development (don’t be a jerk!)

Thanks Thomas McGonagle and Dr David Yates for joining us!

UPDATE: Here are the Cloudbees blogs that Tom mentions in this REDtalks episode:

REDtalks #08 – Hitesh on Imperative vs Declarative (and sandwiches)

Our very first REDtalks guest, Hitesh Patel, is back again to help us understand a fundamental architectural shift in how systems must change to support a Mode 2 methodology. In this episode we talk about levels of abstraction and how they effect automation processes. We discuss the operational overhead involved in supporting infinite deployment options versus adopting a service templating process, and how this hinges on the abstraction of domain-specific knowledge.

Explained through the art of sandwich making versus microwaving a burrito, listen to this episode to understand the differences between imperative and declarative models.

Thanks again for your time, Hitesh.

REDtalks #05 – Lori MacVittie on Sadness Driven Development (and other things)

REDtalks episode #05 brings us well known personality of the DevOps community,Lori MacVittie.

Lori’s been at this game from a few different angles including head-first in the code, as an award-winning writer, and being recognized by a number of “most influential women in tech” lists.

So, take a break and hear from Lori about the buzz at recent Automacon event, what Sadness Driven Development is (and how to avoid it), and many other handy tips for your journey towards a more automated architecture.

Thanks for joining us, Lori!


REDtalks #01 – Hitesh Patel on code sharing

Today brought us the first episode of REDtalks (Ranting Engineers on DevOps) – a video podcast by nerds, and for nerds.

In this first installment I talk with F5 Solution Architect, Hitesh Patel, on the topic of ‘code sharing’. Many believe that giving away code is for the open source projects. Hitesh explains how wrong this perception is, and backs this up with examples from his years of experience as both a network engineer and an application developer.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, Hitesh. We’d love to have you on again!